Camden’s future is council’s top priority

Plan to protect: Council wants to ensure Camden retians it's heritage character. Picture: Chris Lane
Plan to protect: Council wants to ensure Camden retians it's heritage character. Picture: Chris Lane

A university and a new public hospital are some of the top items on Camden Council’s wishlist.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, councillors supported an official submission to the Greater Sydney Commission which outlined their vision for the region’s future.

Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak said identifying key infrastructure “like the south west rail link, health and tertiary education” was essential for Camden’s growing population.

“We have already identified that a TAFE will be built in Leppington but we need a new university and a new public hospital as well,” she said.

The commission will establish a plan for Sydney’s future development, housing and transport.

The council’s submission to the commission said that both a hospital and university should be investigated in the south west district growth areas to meet the demands of the growing population.

It also mentioned the importance of the future western Sydney airport, the south west rail link and the need to retain and expand industrial land.

The importance of Camden’s unique rural character was also featured in the report.

“It is a comprehensive submission,” Cr Symkowiak said.

“It outlines exactly what we need and want for the area, and requests a timeframe sooner rather than later.”

Cr Symkowiak told the Advertiser last year that the council also wanted to bring more jobs to the region. 

“There is a huge population of people here who travel out of the area for work,” she said.

“Council wants to see more jobs, not just big box development.

“We want more job density and more job diversity.

“The area will be bigger than Canberra soon so we want those higher-order jobs in health and tertiary education.”

Other key infrastructure items in the draft submission include the Badgally Road extension and the Spring Farm Parkway extension to the Hume Highway.

Submissions to the commission will close on Friday.

The commission has not provided a timeline for consideration of submissions or finalisation of the draft plan.

The full submission raised a number of key issues and can be found at