Glenfield resident celebrates 100th birthday

Nancy Smith celebrated her 100th birthday on Thursday. Picture: Simon Bennett
Nancy Smith celebrated her 100th birthday on Thursday. Picture: Simon Bennett

Nancy Smith has experienced many milestones in her life, but none have been a big as this.

The Glenfield resident celebrated her 100th birthday on Thursday, with a special event at Whiddon’s Easton Park home.

Mrs Smith said it was a remarkable feeling to reach a century.

“In some respects I feel privileged to reach 100 and to enjoy good health all this time,” she said.

“I’ve seen a lot of things over the years.

“Good health mixed with a happy family is the most important thing.”

Mrs Smith was born to English parents in Warwick, Queensland on December 14, 1917.

Her father was a gardener on the Canning Downs property and was held in high esteem for his expertise.

“Mum and Dad decided when I was about five to move to Sydney,” Mrs Smith said.

“There my father built a grocery business in Surry Hills. He ran the business throughout the depression, so things were not always easy.”

Mrs Smith said all her greatest moments in life concerned family.

“Some stand-outs of my life include marrying my husband Vic, who provided well for our family of four, which was not always easy,” she said.

“Having my daughter Gloria and son Keith and seeing them grow to have their four children, my grandchildren, and they subsequently have five grandchildren, which are my great grandchildren.”

Mrs Smith said some of the biggest changes she’d seen in her 100 years included the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (which she walked over on day one), watching movies at home on video cassette, being able to cook a meal in a microwave and having air-conditioning at home.

She said she didn’t know the magic secret to a long life, but had a few ideas of what could help.

“I don’t really know, but I have never smoked,” Mrs Smith said.

“Since I lost my husband 37 years ago I’ve not driven anywhere, so I did a lot of walking to buses and train stations and to the shops.

“I’ve never been much of a drinker, however when out with my son and daughter-in-law I enjoyed a glass of wine.

“I had no fast food, always home-cooked meals.

“I guess it also helps to have parents who had good health into their 80s.”


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