Silverdale shopping precinct dealt another blow


A planning proposal for a shopping and housing complex in north Silverdale has been dealt another blow with Wollondilly Council demanding a list of changes be made.

Councillors all acknowledged the need and community desire for a shopping precinct in the small town, but North Ward councillor Matt Gould requested the proposal be amended until a variety of concerns could be addressed.

The proposal sought a change to the Local Environment Plan to allow for the construction of medium-density housing and a retail complex on ten lots along Silverdale Road.

The plans could have seen 500 or more homes constructed alongside an extension to the existing small shopping village to cater for a 3500sqm supermarket and a variety of speciality shops.

Mayor Judith Hannan said she was unaware of any proposals that had been before the council for a longer period of time than the Silverdale development and it was strongly supported by residents.

“In this entire time I’ve had residents ask me when they’re going to get the appropriate shopping up there, the appropriate parking,” she said.

“I have received no emails or phone calls from anyone in opposition to this, all the people I’ve spoken to say to go ahead.”

Deputy mayor Robert Khan supported Cr Hannan’s call to have the shopping complex and residential zone move ahead to the next stage.

“This has gone on too long,” he said.

“I think [a shopping centre] will stop people going to Penrith and keep the money in the Wollondilly shire.”

However, Cr Gould said the length of time the proposal had been before council did not justify its support.

“Just because something has been on the books for a long time does not necessarily mean that it’s the best that it can be or we should support it,” he said.

“There are a number of issues that cause me a lot of concern.

“I couldn’t support a proposal up in Silverdale that doesn’t have solid infrastructure backing it and we don’t know how it’s going to be provided.”

Cr Gould said the huge number of units which could potentially be built at the site were a great cause for concern.

Councillor Matt Deeth agreed.

“Numbers suggest the development would double the size of Silverdale,” he said.

“To any other village in the shire, that would be quite significant.

“The shops are supported by most and are great in an economic sense, but it’s the bulk of the residential plans that I’m concerned about.”

Councillor Noel Lowry said he did share some of the concerns surrounding the plans, but wanted the process to move ahead.

After the council voted down Cr Hannan’s motion (5-4) to speed the process along, the chamber supported Cr Gould’s motion to send the proposal to the Greater Sydney Commission with a number of amendments including minimum lot sizes, open space planning, developer-contributed infrastructure and community consultation.

Developer David Hanna declined to comment.


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