Police warn swimmers of dangers at Mermaids Pool in Tahmoor after tourist injured

Mermaids Pool
Mermaids Pool

A tourist was injured at Mermaids Pool on Saturday, December 30 prompting Camden police to warn swimmers about the risks at the notorious site.

A 19-year-old Irish woman was with friends at the picturesque watering hole in Tahmoor on Saturday afternoon.

She and her friends were swimming and diving off cliff rocks.

The tourist was using a large rope swing when she hit the rock face and fell into the water.

Other swimmers lifted her from the water and called emergency services.

Several emergency services units attended the scene including Ambulance NSW and Fire and Rescue, who abseiled into the site.

The woman was winched into an Ambulance NSW helicopter and taken to Liverpool Hospital.

Camden Local Command Area’s acting Inspector Dale Abbott has warned swimmers to be mindful of the risks at Mermaids Pool.

“Mermaids Pool is a beautiful and popular area but it has hidden dangers, especially when people jump off the platform and use the rope swing,” he said.

“There is an inherent risk at the site.

“Ninety-nine times out of 100 there will be no problem but that one time someone will be hurt and we know the area can be fatal.”

In December 2016, a Pakistani student died at the Pools after he jumped from the rock ledge.

In the same month, a Canadian backpacker was injured at the site and made a paraplegic.

Acting Inspector Dale Abbott said they weren’t the “fun police” because it was lawful to be at the site but reminded locals and visitors that the site posed “massive risks”.

“We encourage people to go out and enjoy what nature has to offer but they need to assess the risks,” he said.

“It is not a place to take young kids.

“People need to weigh up the risk of injury or dying with spending time in the sun.

“People don’t realise the impact a body can sustain when it hits the water [from 30-metre high cliff jump].

“You can drown from the sudden intake of water.

“Or if there is a spinal injury then a person can likely drown if no one jumps in to save them.”

NSW Fire and Rescue Picton station captain Bill Morris’ also warned swimmers in December 2016 to not jump off the 30-metre cliff at the Pools because it was “dangerous”.

“People need to be aware the cliff is dangerous and there have been a lot of accidents there resulting in serious injuries,” Captain Morris told the Advertiser.

“I wouldn’t recommend that anyone jump off the 30-metre cliff.

“I see nothing but danger when I look it.”