Camden cat reaches huge milestone

Not many cats make it to 20 years of age but Motley is one of them.

The Mount Annan feline recently turned 20 – which is no mean feat for the average Moggie.

Her owner Alicia Bird said she had owned many cats, but none had lived as long as Motley.

“It surprised us – most cats who make it to this age live indoors only, but Motley is both inside and outside,” she said.

“She’s a bit of a rough nut but she’s absolutely beautiful to live with.”

The Birds adopted Motley from an old friend.

“I was looking for a grey cat with white paws and she said to me she had a kitten just like that,” Ms Bird said.

“So I sent my partner out to get her and when he bought her home she had a lot of orange through her coat as well.

“I thought, ‘this is one ugly cat’.

“After about three days I thought she wasn’t going to come around to us but she did and we wouldn’t change her one bit.

“We love her.”

Ms Bird said Motley was well known for her attitude.

“If she likes you, you can give her a pat,” she said.

“If she doesn’t she just gets this look on her face.”

In her younger years Motley enjoyed playing around the garden, but Ms Bird said the feline had become a lot softer as she aged.

“We know she’s going a little deaf and she likes to sleep in the one spot on the lounge a lot more now,” she said.

“She’s a really beautiful cat, I don’t think there will ever be another like her.”