Campbelltown train services cancelled due to lack of staff and bad weather

Waiting: Commuters at Central Train Station on Wednesday, January 10. Picture: Kate Geraghty
Waiting: Commuters at Central Train Station on Wednesday, January 10. Picture: Kate Geraghty

Campbelltown commuters have been left frustrated following morning train cancellations this week.

The Advertiser contacted Sydney Trains for confirmation on the exact number of trains that had been cancelled but no response has been received yet.

Fairfax Media said commuters along the Campbelltown line and those travelling to and from Hornsby, Epping and Gordon, were all impacted.

Sydney Trains blamed staff availability and signal issues for the cancellations.

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said he had been contacted by a “copious” number of people through social media, text and email about the cancellations.

“I’ve been contacted by people who have flown in from the airport and had three services cancelled in a row and there have been people going to work who have been three hours late,” he said.

“This is having a big effect on peoples’ livelihoods.

“Commuters who were once frustrated are now furious and outraged.”

One of those commuters who was less than impressed was Edwardo Lopez.

Mr Lopez took to Mr Warren’s Facebook page to voice his anger.

“Two hours at Panania with my child who has autism waiting for a train. Four trains one of which was completely empty went straight through without stopping,” he wrote.

“It would be hard with children normally but today with mine was a whole new level. We had meltdowns plus wondering why the train wasn't stopping and didn't stop to pick us up despite knowing there were limited services.

“There was absolutely no plan in place not even bus services offering commuters a way to get back to Campbelltown.

“The experience was that bad I nearly paid in excess of $100 for a taxi to get back. Thankfully I checked one last time then a train finally stopped albeit two hours later.”