Secret Garden line-up announced

Don your best satin gown and throw on some Converse Chucks, this year’s Secret Garden line-up has been announced.

The Cobbitty based festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a Year 10 formal theme and some killer entertainment.

Party bangers are on the menu for the fabulous forest party on February 23 and 24. 

A festival spokeswoman said there was something for everyone.

“Leading the way are fuzzy dance-punk duo DZ Deathrays, with purveyors of widescreen, cinematic indie rock Holy Holy hitting the prime-time Friday night set,” she said.

“Genre-pushing, stage crushing power-house Ecca Vandal will be banging out her best and the oblique, shimmering beats of synth wizard LANKS are set for the stage.

“Folk hero Alex The Astronaut brings her intricate and lyrical sing-a-longs and The Harpoons kick things up a notch with their euphoric, soul-pop.”

Other performers include Miss Blanks and Triple J’s Unearthed Artist of the Year Stella Donnelly.

But the spokeswoman said the performers are just the icing on the cake.

“Deep in the forest, we’ve programmed two days bursting with adventure,” she said.

“Laden with treasures trickled throughout the grounds, your Secret Garden matriarchs, the Camp Queen Drag Queens return for two days of hot and heavy dance-floor action.

“The Great Fatsby will host the annual feast – a regal banquet shrouded amongst the trees.”

This year single guests can meet a Mystery Bachelor or Bachelorette or head to the Kissing Booth.

Some new additions to the festival include the Shout Something Nice bar and The Applause Audience, an audience welcoming festival-goers into the forest.

“They say that things get better with age and in her 10th year, Secret Garden presents a seated theatre with flowing French champagne at the (In A) State Theatre,” the spokeswoman said.

“However, as we have come to expect of Secret Garden, what is programmed there will be nothing short of wild debauchery and a lot of nudity.”

Guests can also expect to see plenty of actors, dancers, comedians and pop-up performances amongst the bustling maze of adventure.

Celebrations begin Friday night with the festival-wide fancy-dress theme Year 10 formal.

Bris 182, an 11 piece Blink 182 cover band, will set the tone for the night.

“Saturday night remains open for gardeners to fulfil their wildest of dress-up desires,” the spokeswoman said.

“It’s a festival for mates, by mates, imagined and realised each year by a family of playful creatives who share the vision of an inclusive, over-the-top and flamboyant celebration.”

Tickets are sold out, but if you want to get on the waiting list you can sign up at

Full line up in alphabetical order:


Alex The Astronaut • Angie McMahon • Billy Davis & The Good Lords • Boat Show • Bris 182 • Broadway Sounds • DZ Deathrays • Ecca Vandal • The Harpoons • Heaps Gay & Friends • Holy Holy • Lanks • Mezko • Miss Blanks • Odette • Paces • Vaudeville Smash • WAAX


Aaron Manhattan • Andee Frost • Beau Kirq • Betty Grumble • Chrissy • Estée Louder • GAFF E • Joe Pol • Lauren Hansom • Megana Holiday • Matt Format • Mirã Bõru • Radha La Bia • Simon Caldwell • Stelly Gappasauress • Sveta • Vibe Positive


Aegean Sun • Dom Alessio & Friends • Dream Rimmy • Eilish Gilligan • Exhibitionist • Froyo Gusher DJs • Inner West Reggae Disco Machine • JEFFE • Ojikae • Rich-Spanning-Time • Stella Donnelly • The Tarantinos • Totally Unicorn •

+ Dinosaur City ft. Babey • Big White • Fritz • Opal • Phanosland • Spike Vincent • Sunscreen • Sweater Curse


Ayebatonye • Catlyf • Ebony Boadu • Fire Dancers • G Coo • Isa (aka Pop Rocks) • Jade Le Flay • Jade Zoe King IV (Live) • Lupa Howl and The Shewolves • Manic Pixie • Matka • Mowgli May • Seduna • Yemisul


Clarissa Mei • Cressy • Doris • GC OConnor • Godtet The Goods • Keep It Disco • KRYSTEL Diola • Lex Deluxe • Love Deluxe • Maja Bajy • Natalia • The Pleasure of Gwen • Price • Rebecca Hatch • Rydeen • Sidehustle  • Wallace


Adi Toohey • Andy Garvey • Big Ting Recordings • Bubble Babies • DJ Meta Etcetera • E Davd (Live) • Jasmine Peters • Katia Avorodis • Lazy Susan • Oscar Mike • Slamb • Spiderdog • Swerve • Whipper Sisters


Awards Ceremony • Brendan De La Hay • Confetti Gun • Disney Karaoke • Dolly Magazine (Live) • Genitals of the Animal Kingdom • Good Morning Secret Garden • Is This Your Life?! • Jazz Therapy • Karlee Tiana • Lou P Scarlett • Nude For Jesus Dance Party • Porcelain Alice • Post-ITS • quad bike • Reverse Burlesque - The Damsels De-Stress • Ring! The! Bell! • Rosie Rivette • Steph Broadbridge • Mystery Bachelor Or Bachelorette


Sit down banquet (tix avail) • SG feasting Hall • French Champagne • Good Beer • Pimms • Espresso Martinis and The Usual Delights


The Applause Audience • Ghost-E-OKE • Witch Dr • Aluminium Hat Making Classes (And Parade) • Corn Hole • Hot Wing Eating Comp • Porno Story Time • Formal Photos • The Kissing Booth • Wheel-Of-Fortuuuune • Trojan Party Horse • Doyle’s Farmhouse • Pub Trivia • Pre’s & Afters at Bec’s • Rancho Relaxo • Rave Cave • Shout Something Nice Bar • Sound of Silence • Tentacruel Cinema • Village Wisdom • Speed Mating