Narellan Hotel’s eating challenge too hot to handle

The Naz Man challenge is back.

Narellan Hotel is looking for brave participants to take on their popular eating competition in 2018 – and they’ve kicked this year off with the hottest challenge yet.

Potential Naz Men will have to eat three kilograms of spicy chicken wings.

A Narellan Hotel spokesman said this was the toughest challenge yet.

“This challenge combines both mass in that there are three kilos of wings and also tests ones tolerance for spice,” he said.

“If mild is how you like it, steer clear.”

In the past three months, 360 people have taken on the Naz Man challenge.

”I think people just love to partake in a challenge,” the spokesman said.

“And the fact that the food challenges have been around pub classics is pretty enticing too.”

Successful challengers will have their photo put up on the Naz Man Challenge Hall Of Fame Board in the Pavilion restaurant at the pub. 

Hotel manager Blake Schill told The Advertiser last year the eating challenges were not for the faint-hearted – but they were a lot of fun.

“We get a lot of patrons looking for something more than just a standard pub meal as a way to catch up with friends and family,” Mr Schill said.

“There’s also a large amount of development in the area which means a lot of hungry tradesmen who come through the venue, so it’s a fun alternative to a standard meal.

“Come on an empty stomach, complete the challenge and impress your mates by getting your photo on the wall.”

The Naz Man Challenge meals are available from Thursday to Sunday from the main bar at the Narellan Hotel for $35 each.