Tommy Browne 'will win' against Anthony Mundine

“Tommy will win this fight.”

That’s the message from Smeaton Grange boxing coach Anthony Redward in the lead up to Tommy Browne’s bout against Anthony Mundine on Wednesday night.

“The stakes are always high but Tommy has beaten highly professional boxers before,” Redward said.

“There’s no question he’s going to win this one.”

The Bradbury boxer will face off against Mundine on January 17 at the Star Casino in Sydney.

The father of two spent more than 36 hours a week at The Grange High Performance Gym in Smeaton Grange to prepare for the fight.

However Browne spent the past week in Dunedin sparring against New Zealand’s best fighters.

“I’ve spent the last week of my preparation here to focus on the fight and my training,” he said.

“It has been great to get away from all the media and distractions surrounding the last week of the fight to clear the head and relax.”

Browne said he was more than ready to take on ‘The Man’.

“Coming off my last fight in October in Singapore I was already in good condition,” he said.

“I finished my last sparring here on Wednesday and I'm feeling good.”

Browne said he hoped to be able to say he beat Anthony Mundine in his last fight.

“We are both in a position where both our careers are on the line,” he said.

“Winner moves on to bigger fights, loser possibly looks like they’re in a position to hang the gloves up.

“I can beat him.

“I'm a better boxer than him right now in this time in both our careers.”

Browne said he hoped locals tuned in to cheer him on.

“It will be an exciting fight. Anthony Mundine isn't really well liked and I'm sure most people would like to see me whoop his butt,” he said.

“Again you can't take away what he has achieved in Australian sport and a win for me can really boost me on to a mega fight. 

“Anyone who has watched me box knows all my fights are exciting to watch.”

Redward said they hoped Tommy would get a fight with Jeff Horn after this one.

“Tommy and Horn are only one division apart and winning this could get us the big fight,” he said.

He also urged people to tune in and watch the bout.

“It’s a good all-Australian fight,” Reward said.

“Mundine always brings the show whether you like him or not.

“Imagine the past 15 years of boxing without him – it would have been boring.”