No rainfall relief in sight for drought-stricken farmers

The sun is great for spending days at the beach but for our farmers, the dry and hot weather has made the past 10 months really tough.

Most Wollondilly farmers have not received a decent amount of rain since April last year.

That has meant their dams are dry, their paddocks are dirt and their stock or produce is suffering.

And unfortunately, there is no rainfall relief in sight.

A senior climatologist at the Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed Wollondilly has been in a “rainfall deficiency” for the past 10 months.

“It means there has been a significantly lower amount of rainfall received in the past 10 months,” Agata Imielska said.

“High pressure systems have brought warm and dry conditions in the past two months.

“February so far has recorded only 3 millimetres of rainfall and the average is usually 90 millimetres.”

Usually February through Autumn are the wettest months.

Picton’s Country Valley Milk owner John Fairley is one farmer who has been severely affected by the lack of rain.

“In March last year we recorded 242 millimetres of rainfall,” he said.

“In the past nine months we have only received 200 millimetres of rain.

“It is unbelievably bad.”

Ms Imielska said the Bureau had a first look at the Autumn outlook and she said it would neither be wet or dry.

This comes as a disappointment to local farmers who are desperately relying on rain to continue their operations, rejuvenate their land and refill their water tanks and dams.