Red belly black snake freed from fruit netting in Ingleburn

A red belly black snake which was caught in fruit netting in Macquarie Fields was yesterday freed back into the bush.

Professional snake handler Sean Cade of Australian Snake Catchers was called to Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital and 24-Hour Emergency Service yesterday after the tangled snake was brought into the clinic.

Macquarie Fields residents had found the reptile trapped in their backyard.

Mr Cade said the snake was struggling to breathe.

“When I arrived he was hissing quite loudly and the staff thought that was because he was upset,” he said.

“But really he was just breathing heavily because the netting was pressing against his lung.”

With Mr Cade subduing the animal, staff were able to delicately snip away the tangle of netting.

The snake was remarkably unhurt, suffering no cuts under his scales.

“He seemed like he was doing alright and obviously happy to be out of his netting,” Mr Cade said.

“At over four foot long, he’d be a dominant snake in the area, so we took him to a more appropriate place.

“He’s safe and sound, back where he belongs.”

Mr Cade said snakes becoming caught in fruit netting was a common problem.

Residents frequently cover their trees with netting to prevent birds, bats and flying foxes eating their fruit.

As the netting often reaches the ground, snakes can become trapped and have trouble manoeuvring back out.

“This is quite a robust material,” he said.

“It’s nylon netting, almost like fishing line.

“It’s quite thin, but it’s also very tough.”

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