Camden's Macaria art gallery now open

For the first time in many years residents can now set foot inside Camden’s historic Macaria building.

The iconic homestead has been transformed into a public art gallery featuring the works of world-renowned Camden artist, Alan Baker.

Mr Baker’s son Gary and Nola Tegel donated 77 drawings and paintings to be hung at the gallery. 

“He painted and lived in the 1900s, so we have works going right back to the 1930s,” he said.

“You have the full spectrum of an artist’s life – which is very rare to see these days.

“There are a lot of stories in these works.”

The artwork includes portraits, landscapes and floral still-life works.

“It’s world class art – this isn’t just hobby painters. It’s a man who dedicated his whole life to art,” Mr Baker said.

Mr Baker said the gallery provided locals with a unique opportunity to see Camden history.

“It’s a great fit, it’s a heritage building and you have great art with a historical background featuring local stories and characters,” Mr Baker said.

Mrs Tegel said she was excited for people to visit the gallery.

“It’s equal to flying to Europe to see the world’s best. People will be flying here to see Alan’s work,” she said.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with collection and the way it is hung and the way the council has taken care of our donation.”