Eagle Vale bulldog joins the biggest pet loser

Cormac the bulldog is proof that it is never too late to fulfill your New Year’s resolution.

The chunky bulldog from Eagle Vale weighs in at a whooping 37 kilograms and he needs to lose more than 10 kilograms for his chance to be crowned Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser.

Cormac is one of 10 dogs selected to participate in the weightloss competition from more than 350 entries from across Australia.

His owner Stephanie Vilabourout said Cormac’s weight gain started after he was put on allergy medication.

“He had multiple allergies so they started him on cortisone so he was always asking for food and we gave into that – we gave into his cuteness,” she said.

“We softened and that is how he got this big.

“We know how bad it is and we have been working to get the weight off.”

At one point the hefty hound weighed in at 55 kilograms but Ms Vilabourout said a stern chat with the vet soon had Cormac on the right path.

“We have him on a strict diet and smaller portion sizes,” she said.

“We used to feed him more than twice day but now he only eats twice a day and the meals are much smaller.

“We’re also doing more exercise with him little by little.

“He used to love swimming so we are going to do that more.”

Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser aims to raise awareness about the rise in pet obesity and the effect weight has on pet health and longevity.

The 12-week challenge incorporates a personalised diet and exercise program prescribed by their local Greencross Vet.

The owners of these pudgy pets also receive three months of personalised training with celebrity trainer Sam Wood.

The two-year-old British Bulldog joined the Vilabourout family as a puppy.

Ms Vilabourout said she hoped Cormac’s weightloss would help him live a long and happy life.

“The lifespan for bulldogs is quite short already so we will do anything we can to help him live longer,” she said.

“Pet owners have to put the foot down and ask themselves if they want their pet to be around for as long as possible.

“I’d like to thank Petbarn for giving us this opportunity and setting this challenge.”


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