Leaders locked up in mock jail cell

A few unlucky Wollondilly councillors found themselves in jail this week – all for a good cause.

Mayor Judith Hannan and councillors Michael Banasik, Simon Landow and Matthew Deeth were “locked” inside a mock cell at Tahmoor Town Centre on Monday, April 16.

They raised $1,500 for the Police Citizens Youth Club in Mittagong. 

PCYC Southern Highlands club manager Krischan Keller asked civic leaders to give up an hour of their time and raise money to stop youth crime.

“We were raising money to start a mission program,” he said. “Ideally we want to develop free self-defence classes for women.

“The funding will hopefully make the program into a reality.

“We can then apply for club grants to make the program a permanent fixture.”

Mr Keller said Tahmoor residents had been generous with their donations and he enjoyed talking to locals about the initiative and PCYC.

The club has been open in Mittagong for two years.

The aim is to gets kids active in youth programs and help potential and current young offenders get back on the right path.