Campbelltown women ready to fight to the finish

Two of Campbelltown’s toughest women are ready to battle the best at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships next week.

Jessica Kristan and Jennifer Potter are off to California, USA to represent Australia at the prestigious event.

Kristan said she was thrilled to be selected for the global competition.

“I really just want to compete at the best comps in the world and progressively improve and inspire others to train,” she said.

“I moved over to the UK to train at Roger Gracie’s academy and I was given a scholarship for a year.”

Kristan started training in martial arts two years ago.

“My boyfriend at the time was training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it was really interesting seeing him so excited about it,” she said.

“So naturally I wanted to try it.

“Jujitsu has given me the confidence and patience to deal a lot of things in my life – it’s given me purpose and a passion.

“It’s a really complicated sport with an ocean of knowledge to be inspired by, that’s what I love about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the most.”

Potter is currently the highest point ranked female in Australia and ranked 40th world wide in the novice division. 

She also won the NSW State championship and Pan Pacific championship events.

“My previous bosses did jiu jitsu so I wanted to give it a go,” she said.

“I fell in love with it after the first class and haven’t stopped training since. 

“I love it because it’s an ever evolving sport that you never have all the answers too and there is always something to learn.”

Potter said the sport had helped her to lose almost 60 kilograms. 

“I am hoping to continue to compete internationally and at a high level and develop my skills further,” she said.

“Eventually I would love to open my own school.”