Narellan special needs school closer to completion

Work is well and truly underway at the site of Macarthur’s newest special needs school in Narellan.

The school, known as Yandelora School, will cater for students with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disabilities.

Work started on the $22.5 million dollar project in 2017 with the first students expected to start in 2019.

The school is located at the site of the former Hope Christian School on Richardson Road.

A Department of Education spokesman said construction works were in the early stages.

“The demolition of the pre-existing buildings, bulk earthworks and installation of in-ground services has now been completed,” he said.

“The current works being undertaken include the construction of remaining concrete slabs and the installation of steel framing and roofing.”

The new school will not only provide a range of new facilities but will also offer specialised staffing and educational programs.

The project will provide 16 teaching spaces for students from kindergarten to year 12, a hydrotherapy pool, accessible classrooms, a library and a school hall.

“The school will be operational for day one, term one, 2019,” the spokesman said.

“The principal will be recruited over the coming months with school staff recruited later in the year.”

Enrolments for the new school are already underway with students already enrolled in seven classes.

“Letters of offer will sent to parents shortly, who will then accept or decline,” the spokesman said.

“Once the principal is appointed they will organise orientation and meetings with parents and students.

“The enrolment process is different to that of a comprehensive school as Yandelora is a school for specific purposes (special school).

“Applications for placement are through the access request process, which can arranged by the school learning and support team at the local public school or the local educational services team if a child is not yet enrolled.”

The spokesman said students would be offered enrolment in a special school through a placement panel process.

“A student's eligibility is determined through the department’s disability criteria as well as the availability of a place in an appropriate special class,” he said.

More to come.