Petition urges government to help drought-stricken farmers

With 99.3 per cent of NSW either in drought, almost in drought, or heading towards drought, it’s clear life on the land is a battle

Once fertile paddocks have turned to dust, water resources are dry or drying up and fodder supplies are critically low.

Many farmers have been forced to buy feed from interstate as local supplies run dry – and they are paying exorbitant freight costs to transport it to their farm. 

The Advertiser along with its sister papers has joined a campaign to be heard.

Fairfax Media has launched a petition calling on the state government to offer farmers relief on the cost of freight, fodder, water and Local Land Service rates as well as offer the collection of livestock genetics, and restocking/replanting loans after the drought breaks.

The key figure is 10,000 signatures which would ensure a parliamentary debate on the issue. 

Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison will take the petition to NSW Parliament on Fairfax Media’s behalf and speak on the issue during the debate.

Fill out the form below if you would like to receive a copy of the petition and obtain signatures.

The signatures must be handwritten.

Print off the petition, sign it and send or drop it in to the Advertiser office at Suite 1, The Exchange Building, 1 Elyard Street, Narellan NSW 2576

Locals can also donate to the Dilly Drought Drive. Visit the Dilly Drought Drive on Facebook for more information.