Petition to save shire koala reaches 10,000 signatures | video

Wollondilly residents have been praised for supporting a council-led petition to save vital koala habitat.

Councillors launched the petition at the Wilton community meeting on April 30 after the state government rezoned the Wilton South East precinct of Wilton New Town.

The precinct threatens the koala habitat and the koala movement corridor at Allen’s Creek in Wilton.

Councillors and council staff believe the decision will endanger the long term viability of the koala population in Wilton because it will remove critical habitat and movement corridors.

Residents were asked to sign the council’s petition which called for the rezoning to be repealed and replaced with a zoning that protected the koalas’ habitat.

Mayor Judith Hannan said she was grateful for the support of the community and people from right across for helping the council reach the 10,000 signature goal.

“This amazing result shows just how committed people are about looking after this unique disease-free koala population,” she said.

“The state government needs to take this issue seriously as the community has shown they feel very strongly about it.”

The next step for the council is to present the petition to state parliament for debate, which should happen in mid-August.

The “Save Our Koalas” campaign included television and digital advertising, extensive social media posts, letters to NSW councils, relevant government departments, businesses and other stakeholders, as well as a presence at various local events and rallies.

Councillors, executive and staff thanked everyone who was involved with this issue and helped to reach the milestone.