Business potential at Burragorang Lookout

Burragorang Lookout. Picture: Simon Bennett
Burragorang Lookout. Picture: Simon Bennett

Burragorang Lookout undoubtedly overlooks one of Wollondilly’s best scenic views. 

Visitors and locals flock to site to see Lake Burragorang but unfortunately after they see the view they get straight back in their cars.

But a former Wollondilly tourism officer has a simple idea to change that.

Picton local Lyn Davey wants to see local coffee vans and food truck businesses set up at the site.

“It is a great business opportunity,” she said.

“When I go out to the site I always see many cars and people but there is no where to buy a coffee.

“I’d like to see the council encourage National Parks and Wildlife Service and Sydney Water to let a coffee van set up at the lookout so people stay longer.

“If they stay longer then they might stop in town at a cafe or pub.”

Mrs Davey said she had raised the idea in the past but it had never gotten legs.

“I always got pushback from people saying that coffee vans or food trucks were not ‘real businesses’ but I believe home-based or mobile businesses are just as much a real business as any other,” she said.

“Just because those business owners don’t pay rent doesn’t mean they are not a viable business.

“Often the van owner has a grey water tank and will take all their rubbish with them.

“The Roads and Maritime Service charges coffee van owners to set up at rest areas so why can’t they at the lookout?”

Mrs Davey said she had worked in festival and event planning previously and knew it was difficult for coffee van owners to get a foot in the door at festivals because organisers often had their ‘go-to’ vendors.

She is encouraging locals to contact Wollondilly Council or councillors to urge National Parks and Wildlife Service to investigate the option.

Ms Davey would also like to see coffee van and food trucks set up at the dams around the shire as well as Thirlmere Lakes.

“We want tourists to ‘linger longer’ at these places and then they will likely spend more money in the shire.”

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