Lawrence Mooney brings Malcolm Turnbull character to Camden Civic Centre

Stand-up comedian Lawrence Mooney is bring his latest tour, An Evening With Malcolm Turnbull, to Camden Civic Centre on Saturday, October 13.

Stand-up comedian Lawrence Mooney is bring his latest tour, An Evening With Malcolm Turnbull, to Camden Civic Centre on Saturday, October 13.

You are invited to spend a night with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – well sort of.

Stand-up comedian Lawrence Mooney is bring his latest tour, An Evening With Malcolm Turnbull, to Camden Civic Centre on Saturday, October 13.

The comedian will have the audience in stitches when he shows them the “real” Malcolm Turnbull.

Mooney has regularly appeared as Turnbull on Triple M’s radio station and now he has turned the role into a comedy show.

“Prophetically, the show is about what Malcolm Turnbull is going to do after politics,” he told the Advertiser

“It is about Malcolm wanting to do his own tonight show because he has done everything else.

“And now all of a sudden he is no longer Prime Minister so it is a real possibility that this show is a prophecy.”

The first half of the show will see Malcolm Turnbull’s satirical take on politics and he will discuss different characters in the Liberal party.

“The show is about the contemporary political scene,” Mooney said.

“The second half of the show sees Malcolm on his own tonight show. As the show develops, I reveal the darker side of Malcolm, which is historically based.”

The television and radio personality said, despite the show being “hilariously funny”, the night of laughs will be “the perfect antidote for those who are disillusioned with federal politics”.

“The show highlights the absolute folly of politics and particularly the Liberal party, and it is fun examining our former Prime Minister,” the comedian said.

Mooney said the show would also feature Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison given their roles during Turnbull’s recent ousting from the top job.

He said he was in a state of disbelief when the leadership spill was mooted.

“When Malcolm was taken down, I was gutted and a really upset because I had been studying him closely and impersonating him for the past three years,” Mooney said.

“After three years of immersion I have fallen in love with him.

“I think Australia missed a great opportunity because Malcolm was so hamstrung by the right wing of the Liberal party that he never got any wiggle room to perform as a prime minister. We never saw the full potential of the man.”

Mooney said he had “always been a political junkee” but had never made it a big part of my comedy.

He enjoys playing the character role of Malcolm Turnbull and this is the first show the comedian has completely impersonated someone.

“I have only mucked around with impersonations on stage before.” Mooney said. “A bit of Shane Warne, the odd politician here and there or an accent – any voice I could pick up quite easily.

“You can say so much more through the mouth of a character. I make Malcolm say things that he wouldn’t ordinarily say.

“There is also a suspension of disbelief required for the audience, because I don’t really look like Malcolm Turnbull except for a bit of white hairspray and I wear a suit.

“The strongest parts of the impersonation are the voice and characteristics.

“Malcolm has a haughtiness to him. I am quite attracted to him.”

Mooney learnt how to impersonate Mr Turnbull while watching the former Prime Minister on the ABC show Q&A.

“I liked the vowel sounds and I started impersonating him,” the comedian said. “My wife suggested I throw him into stand up.

“I worked on his voice and his hand gestures. Then I became Malcolm Turnbull on the Triple M network.”

Mooney said he enjoyed visiting Camden last year whilst on tour and wanted to return.

“The theatre was great, the crowd was on side and I ate at the most divine Italian restaurant close by and I will be returning there again,” he said.

“I said to my management ‘this year, we are definitely going to Camden because I had a great time there’. I stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast outside of Camden.

“I found it a very pretty spot. It still has a bit of a country feel about it.

“I’m looking forward to coming back.”

Details: Tickets cost $45. or 9560 0600. Camden Civic Centre website.

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