Second St Gregory’s College dorm master sentenced for child sexual abuse

A former dorm master and Marist brother at St Gregory’s College Campbelltown has been convicted of historic sex crimes against children in the 1980s.

Graeme Mundine appeared in Campbelltown District Court last Wednesday to be sentenced for three charges of assault and act of indecency and four charges of indecent assault, party under 16.

The former teacher was supported in court by his wife and two brothers.

Mundine was sentenced to three years in prison with an 18 month non-parole period for offences relating to five male victims.

His wife cried as his sentence was revealed.

Judge O’Brien said Mundine had “besmirched the reputation of the religious order and the men who followed in his footsteps”.

“These are serious offences which occurred over a four-and-a-half year period,” he said.

“This was a serious breach of trust and abuse of power.

“The offender took advantage of the naivety and vulnerability of the victims.

“Disturbingly the events occurred when the victim was seeking guidance or support and was instead met with sexual abuse.

“The victim impact statements were both powerful and moving.

“There is no doubt these events have had a significant affect on their lives.”

The judge acknowledged Mr Mundine’s work as an indigenous leader in years after the assaults took place and that he had not re-offended in the past 34 years.

However Judge O’Brien said a custodial sentence was the only appropriate punishment for these crimes. 

Mr Mundine was also convicted of similar crimes against male students at another Catholic boarding school at Paigewood in 1988.