Proud Macarthur parents welcome new year’s first bubs

Macquarie Fields residents Stephanie Kalu and Sioeli Valu Kalu were the first to welcome a baby at Campbelltown Hospital this year.

However their first-born son Nathaniel Tuitakau was pipped at the post by Gabriel Lucian Mattias Hampton who was born at home less than half and hour earlier.

Nathaniel arrived at the hospital at 3.15am on January 1.

He weighed 4.75 kilograms (10 pounds and four ounces) and was 54 centimetres in length.

Meanwhile Gabriel entered the world at 2.52am on January 1, weighing 4.39 kilograms (nine pounds and six ounces) and 53 and a half centimetres long.

The baby boy was born at his family home in Currans Hill.

Gabriel’s mother, Tyare Hampton, said she was delighted to have given birth safely at home.

“It was an elected home-birth with a midwife by my side, and I am a midwife myself,” she said.

“It was comfortable being at home – it was a beautiful experience.”

The bouncing baby boy is the third child for Mrs Hampton and her husband.

She said his siblings, Dante, 4, and Emily, 2, were excited to welcome their newborn baby brother into the world.

“Dante wanted to be there for the birth so he was awake but Emily went to bed knowing I was pregnant and work up to me holding the baby in bed,” Mrs Hampton said.

“It was a really beautiful moment.”

Gabriel wasn’t due to arrive until Saturday, January 5 but Mrs Hampton said her labor started just as the Sydney fireworks began at midnight on New Years Eve.

“It was a really quick birth,” she said.

“We decided because this would be our last baby that we would make it a surprise so we didn’t know if he would be a boy or a girl.

“We had the names picked out before he was born but Gabriel definitely suits his name, he is a strong little boy.”

Mrs Hampton said the birth of her gorgeous son was the perfect way to start the new year.

Mrs Kalu agreed with Mrs Hampton and said Nathaniel’s birth was a blessing.

“It has been awesome, he has been such a good baby,” she said.

“When the nurses first told me he was the first baby born at the hospital in 2019 I was so exhausted, it was the last thing on my mind.

“But at least we know we will never forget his birthday.”