Don't judge others

Re: Law is an Ass and Homicide Hard to Justify (Advertiser letters February 27). Both writers make valid statements about the sad death of the home invader. Yes, home invader is an emotive label but what else would you call someone who enters your private residence unlawfully while you are asleep with your family.?

According to media reports this muscular, sweaty,  half naked man was seen by neighbours wandering around the area, attempting to enter other residences. One assumes someone not in their right mind, quite strong and apparently dangerous. This was not a burglar it seems.

In this situation, woken from sleep, how would you react Mr Hill? Make him a cup of tea and call a cab? In cases of emergency, no one knows how we would react. This resident acted out of fear to protect his baby and wife upstairs. 

Don't judge others unless you have experienced the same situation would be a good mantra to live by.

J Neaves,  Ingleburn 

Faith put in promises

How right is Jeff McGill in his column praising Barry O'Farrell (Advertiser February 27). l I think we all felt he really cared about western Sydney. Mr O'Farrell also made it free to visit the Australian Botanic Gardens but I have to say the granting of the Dharawal National Park was an all time gift to everyone whether they live near or far, because when I look at the damage caused by longwall mining under our rivers and creeks and consider that could have been the pristine O'Hares Creek and its tributaries, I thank goodness this area has been protected for all time.

As for political promises, opposition Environment Minister Penny Sharp has pledged to create our proposed Upper Georges River National Park. She also comes to Campbelltown and joins in environmental meetings and rallies. Conversely, our present government doesn't seem to care much about our Campbelltown koala population.

So I will take promises above present actions and hope that both locals and native animals will eventually get a better deal we have at the moment.

Pat Durman, Wedderburn