Huge test of strength in Gregory Hills

Can you imagine hoisting 300 kilograms above your head?

The concept would seem preposterous to most people, but some of the state's fittest men and women will take on the challenge in Gregory Hills next month.

The 2019 NSW Strongest Man and Woman competition, which is the equivalent of state titles, will be held at Gregory Hills Hotel on Saturday, June 8 from 9am.

It is the second time in recent years that Macarthur locals will get an up close look at competitors. The 2017 championship was also held in Gregory Hills.

This year's event will again be hosted by local gym PTC Macarthur.

Gym co-owner Matt Pitman told the Advertiser that weights of up to 350 kilograms would be used during the competition.

Pitman, who usually competes in strong man events, will sit out next month to help run the championship.

"You train so hard for so long and the weights are set so high," he said.

"There is a great sense of strength [when lifting these heavy weights]."

Pitman said next month's competition would be divided into five activities.

Male and female competitors will be required to carry a yoke (metal frame), weighing up to 350kg, on their back for a 20-metre course.

They will then move into the second challenge by grabbing a sandbag, weighing up to 140kg, and take on the same 20-metre course.

The third challenge involves competitors using one hand to lift a monster dumbbell (weighing up to 70kg) for as many reps as possible in a minute.

The next activity, Conan's wheel, involves competitors picking up a heavy weight (up to 340kg) that pivots around a fixed point. They must complete as many rotations as possible.

The strong men and women will finally be asked to lift up big concrete balls, known as atlas stones, and place them on a platform. The stones weigh up to 200kg and they must complete as many reps as possible in a minute.

PTC Macarthur gym co-owner Mick Ebed. Picture: Chris Lane

PTC Macarthur gym co-owner Mick Ebed. Picture: Chris Lane

Pitman said the winners would qualify for the prestigious Arnold Strongman Classic, and the 2020 Australian Strongest Man and Woman Championships.

He said competitors from as young as 18 up to 50 years would take part in next month's event.

He said his PTC Macarthur gym would have several members competing

"We invite everyone to come down and watch."