Greens reveal Hume candidate

The Greens candidate for Hume in the federal election is David Powell.
The Greens candidate for Hume in the federal election is David Powell.

The Greens candidate for Hume in the federal election will be David Powell.

Mr Powell lives in Silverdale and works as a facility manager for a medical manufacturing company.

He said he was motivated to run as a candidate because of the government's failure to act on climate change.

"Inaction on climate change shows the major parties care less about future generations and biodiversity than about their own corporate donations," Mr Powell said.

"Meanwhile, farmers on the front line, especially in Hume, are suffering from the impacts of drought."

He said this was 'the climate change election".

"Climate change has been pushed into the background in Australia in comparison to a lot of countries," he said.

"But the groundswell is that the science is in and it is real, so many are realising we should be doing something about it - that it is becoming more urgent to act.

"This coincides with our power generation infrastructure coming to the end of its life.

"As a result, this is starting to come to the top of the conversation.

"We need to replace it but what are we going to replace it with? From my perspective, it needs to be replaced with renewable energy."

Mr Powell said the country was ready for change.

"We need to address government idleness on climate change and no party is more committed to this than the Greens," he said.

"Voting for the Greens in the current energy minister's electorate [Hume MP Angus Taylor] is the best way to send a message that we care about our climate emergency and need to fix it.

"This government is impeding our much-needed transition to renewable energy and is peddling mistruths about the role of renewables in the spiralling cost of energy.

"This government is not acting for the common good of ordinary people or the environment, and certainly not with any common sense.

"We need to stop public subsidies to the fossil fuel sector and properly tax big corporations so we can invest in education, clean-tech jobs and a better standard of healthcare."

Mr Powell said the Greens provided a clear alternative to the major party candidates in Hume.

"I joined the Greens because they are a party that I believe can make a positive difference, that cares about people of all races, will fight for social and economic justice and indigenous rights, support efforts to acknowledge and act on climate change before it is too late, and embraces the opportunity offered by renewable energy," he said.

He said the Greens were uniquely positioned to provide the direction needed to ensure a clean, sustainable future through strong, fully costed policies.