HUME: Meet your candidates

Hume candidates: Clockwise from left, Aoife Champion, Lynda Abdo, Huw Kingston, Angus Taylor, Tanya Hargraves and David Powell.
Hume candidates: Clockwise from left, Aoife Champion, Lynda Abdo, Huw Kingston, Angus Taylor, Tanya Hargraves and David Powell.

Seven candidates vying for the seat of Hume want you to place the numeral one against their name when voting in Saturday's federal election. Voting is compulsory with the polls open from 8am to 6pm.

Read more below (in ballot paper order) about each candidate and their policies.

​Aoife Champion - Labor

Born in Camden and educated in the Macarthur district, the 38-year-old lawyer and mother of three is passionate about the environment and wants "urgent, effective action" on climate change.

She will support measures that protect food supply and deliver Australia from worsening drought.

"In order to have a prosperous future we have to look after the environment. We must sow the seeds of an Australia from which our children can harvest.''

Lynda Abdo - United Australia Party

The 45-year-old administrator, describes herself as a fast learner and well educated. She said issues in Hume varied from region to region.

"Newly developed areas require schools, hospitals and facilities, whereas distant towns better roads, upgrades to hospitals and extra facilities for existing schools," she said.

On a national level, Ms Abdo is concerned about the availability of jobs and the increased cost of living.

Tanya Hargraves - Conservative National Party

The 58-year-old marketing professional despises corruption and has lobbied hard for banking reforms.

She believes in freedom of speech and the right of all Australians to defend themselves.

She opposes the sale of prime agricultural land, ports, airports and mines to overseas investors.

"This wealth belongs to Australia and it has been sold out from under us by self-serving politicians."

Angus Taylor - Liberal

The incumbent MP and Minister for Energy has represented Hume for six years.

He said small business growth in that period had resulted in low levels of unemployment locally.

The 52 year-old father of four said infrastructure delivery across the electorate was "making a positive difference to people's lives".

Infrastructure provision and jobs growth will remain his key priorities if re-elected.

"I want to help people get home safer and sooner."

David Powell - The Greens

A supporter of public education and the union movement, the 58 year-old father of two joined the Greens when Labor "started listening to corporate Australia".

He said climate change was the biggest issue of our generation.

"If we do not act now the future is bleak. Australia must do its bit to mitigate the effects of climate change," he said.

The Silverdale resident supports plans for an high speed rail link connecting regional cities with state capitals.

Huw Kingston - Independent

The 55-year-old small business owner wants meaningful action on climate change and said Hume was perfectly placed to benefit from renewables.

"Half of the wind farms in NSW, existing or planned, are in the electorate," he said.

If elected, he will advocate to ensure Hume becomes a regional energy and manufacturing hub, but not to the detriment of the agricultural sector or liveability of the region.

Ian Nebauer - Christian Democrats

Candidate did not respond to a request to provide information about himself.