Alfie Arcuri releases bold new track

He went from designing buildings to winning The Voice to competing for a Eurovision spot, and now Alfie Arcuri is back with a new sound.

The Catherine Field product dropped his new single Same today (Friday, May 31) and can't wait for people to have a listen.

Arcuri said the song had a more "soulful, R&B" sound than some of his previous music.

"I do some falsetto in this one and I don't think people have heard my voice go quite so high before," he said.

"I think people expect me to do ballads, but this is more like the R&B I grew up with.

"It's a new 'Alfie sound'."

Publicity around the new song describes Arcuri's 'sexy' new sound, but the humble artist isn't sure he fits that word.

"I certainly don't think of myself that way," he said.

"But I guess all R&B has a bit of sexiness to it."

Arcuri, an LGBTQIA+ activist, said he had been working hard on his songwriting for the past few years and he was proud of the work he had achieved.

He said he made a conscious decision to refer to a male lover in his song.

"I toyed with singing to 'you' instead of 'him', to make it more inclusive for everyone," Arcuri said.

"I even recorded a version like that - but then I changed my mind.

"This song is written about men, and it's true to sing it that way.

"So many of the gay artists I grew up with were closeted, so I never heard any songs like that when I was young.

"I think it would have made a positive difference if I had."

Arcuri said the song was about heartbreak and moving on from a loved one with a "rebound".

"It is about a couple of exes," he said.

"I think everyone can relate to that feeling of heartbreak and just trying to fill that void with someone else.

"Luckily I'm very happy now and have a partner I love very much."

Arcuri said he had plenty of new songs in his arsenal and he was looking forward to releasing them as an album or EP.

He said he was thrilled with the reaction to his Eurovision entry song To Myself from across the globe and hoped the new tracks would be just as well received.

The track from Neon Records is available to stream and download now.