Dive into a pit of marshmallows at Campbelltown Mall

Looking for something sweet to do during the school holidays?

Campbelltown Mall will launch two free activities to make your day just a little bit sweeter - Sprinkle City and Marshmallow Dreams.

Sprinkle City will provide shoppers with a free donut to decorate.

Participants will then play a spin-the-wheel Russian roulette to choose the toppings for their donut.

Marshmallow Dreams allows shoppers to immerse themselves into a pit of 'marshmallows' and look up above, to find the perfect Instagram moment.

The mall's marketing manager Rhys Simonds said the delicious activities would delight people of all ages.

"School holidays is such an important time for local families in the region," he said.

"Parents are faced with age old question; how to keep the kids entertained on a budget?

"We're encouraging all families to take advantage of the free activities at Sprinkle City and Marshmallow Dreams to help make their day sweet."

Campbelltown Mall has proudly partnered with Dot Dot Dash; an event management group that specialises in bringing unique ideas to life.

To experience Sprinkle City and Marshmallow Dreams, visit Campbelltown Mall (near Best & Less) from now until Saturday, July 20 from 11am to 2pm daily.

For more information, visit: campbelltownmall.com.au.