Macaw wings its way to Campbelltown Hospital to thrill sick kids

Campbelltown Hospital welcomed a winged visitor today.

Harry the macaw stopped by to give sick children a much-needed pick-me-up.

The exotic bird's owner Lisa D'Aguiar said Harry was a perfect gentleman during the visit.

"I was really happy with his behaviour - he's still quite young but he did very well," she said.

"It was nice seeing the kids just glued to him."

This was Harry's first visit to the hospital at just over two years of age.

Ms D'Aguiar said children were entralled with his bright colours and size.

"Some of the kids were just happy to look at him and check out his colours," the Ingleburn resident said.

"Others shook his hand or gave him a pat on the back."

Ms D'Aguiar said she got the idea to bring Harry to the hospital on a visit to Randwick Children's Hospital with her daughter.

"I saw lots of therapy dogs and I thought 'Harry could do that','' she said.

"When I reached out to the hospital I didn't expect them to say yes.

"Whenever we take Harry to the shops, to the park or to schools people are always interested in him."

The avid birdkeeper said macaws made ideal therapy birds.

"It's their personality - they are really smart and happy birds," Ms D'Aguiar said.

"Harry was content the entire time we were at the hospital with the kids.

"He can identify all of his colours, like red, blue, yellow and green.

"He can do lots of tricks, like shaking hands and big wings and he can also say a lot of words and phrases."

Ms D'Aguiar said she hoped to make more hospital visits with her beloved pet.

"It was really lovely of the hospital to have us out there," she said.

"I would love to go back whenever they need us."