Camden's new Marvel and DC diner a state first

Camden's Steven Blinoff has spent the past six years amassing a million dollar collection of Marvel and DC collectible statues.

Now, he is ready to share them with the world.

Mr Blinoff has almost 800 statues depicting famous superheroes and villains like Batman, Captain America, Thor, The Joker and The Green Goblin.

The avid collector will open a superhero-themed diner, known as Superior Street Food, in the heart of Camden.

Mr Blinoff said the restaurant would feature Americana-style food with a twist.

"We will be doing gourmet pizzas with flavours that you can't find at your local pizza shop," he said.

"Every pizza, burger or hotdog will have a superhero themed name too."

Mr Blinoff said his love of all things Marvel and DC began after watching The Dark Knight starringChristian Bale as the iconic caped crusader, Batman.

"That's where it all started for me and I fell in love," he said.

"I bought my first statue, The Punisher, not long after and it just went from there.

"We had almost 400 statues in the lounge room at one stage."

Mr Blinoff has owned and operated Superior Finish Car Detailing, located in the row of shops behind the Hotspot service station, for the past six years.

The passionate businessman said the Marvel and DC Diner had originally been a retirement plan.

"But we had the space so I thought 'why not start it next door?'" he said.

"I couldn't have something right on the main street because I can't be in two places at once but having it here means I can keep an eye on both and parking is easy for visitors."

Mr Blinoff said the restaurant would be one-of-a-kind.

"There is nothing in Camden like it, in fact there is nothing in Australia like it," he said.

"The only other place in the world where I know of something similar is in Singapore - statue collecting is huge over there.

"Camden is a great place so hopefully we can help bring more people into town.

"We just want people to come in, have something to eat, enjoy the venue and check out the statues.

"If we need to get a bigger diner eventually we will, but we want to stay in Camden because we love it here."

The diner is expected open in mid-August.

"It's something you have to see for yourself," Mr Blinoff said.

"If you love superheroes come see it - these are not kids toys, they are porcelain made and highly collectible."