Fisher's Ghost Festival to feature new pop culture convention

Nerds, rejoice!

Whether you're a fan of Superman or Iron Man, Dungeons and Dragons or Magic: The Gathering, Monopoly or Battleship - Campbelltown Council's new event has something for fans of all things pop culture.

Nerdcon will be held for the first time during the Festival of Fisher's Ghost on Saturday, November 2 at the Civic Hall.

The event will feature a cosplay competition, pop culture themed stalls and activities.

Councillor Ben Gilholme originally pitched the idea for Nerdcon at a council meeting held in June.

"I am very excited that it will now be included as a part of the Fisher's Ghost Festival," he said.

"People have already reached out to me to congratulate me on getting the event across the line.

"A lot of people are very appreciative that it is coming."

Campbelltown councillor Ben Gilholme is a pop culture fanatic.

Campbelltown councillor Ben Gilholme is a pop culture fanatic.

Mr Gilholme has been a big supporter of Campbelltown Library's comic book events.

He said Nerdcon would be similar to those events but on a larger scale.

"We actually had people come in who run Supernova and events like that to run the last one," he said.

"They just continue to grow in popularity each year.

"So now we are taking that success and moving it to a bigger setting."

The growing popularity of Marvel, Star Wars, DC, board games, computer games and comic books has seen multiple pop culture events pop up across the region including trivia nights, restaurant theme nights and more.

Mr Gilholme said nerd culture was becoming more acceptable in today's society.

"I will admit that I have been bullied in the past and my escape was movies, TV shows and books," he said.

"But the stigma around nerd culture has changed.

"These events help people to interact and be themselves - and if there is a way that I can support that I will."

Mr Gilholme said there would be something for everyone at the event.

"It's not just for Dungeons and Dragons fans," he said.

"It's for gamers, people who love movies or board games - it's for everyone.

"Whether you love Star Gate, and I know there is a small group of us out there, or Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones - Nerdcon will a place where everyone can feel included."

More details about Nerdcon will be released closer to the event.