Crusty Demons vow to return after Campbelltown show called off early

It was supposed to be an explosive show full of death-defying motorbike tricks.

Thousands of residents braved bitterly cold conditions to watch the Crusty Demons in action at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on Saturday night.

Then, the show was cut short early.

The Crusty Demons riders were unable to complete their biggest tricks as they battled against strong, persistent winds.

Organisers were forced to cancel the show after one hour, as conditions were deemed too dangerous for the riders.

The Campbelltown show marked the first time Crusty Demons had performed in Australia in more than a decade. It was organised by Complete Events Group.

A group spokeswoman said regular team meetings were held in the lead-up to the event. She said organisers regularly checked the weather forecast.

Three hours before the show began, she said the wind was forecast to die down for the evening.

Complete Events Group founding director Matt Mahoney said the Crusty Demons riders were given a say on whether they wanted to go ahead with the show.

"The riders wanted to give the best they could," he said.

"Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, it became too unsafe to continue the show."

Mr Mahoney said the Crusty Demons would compensate all ticket holders for Saturday night's cancellation.

Crusty Demons will offer free tickets to another show in Australia during the "Rise of the Demons" national tour.

Mr Mahoney said a second show would now also be held in Sydney at a date to be announced. It is likely to take place again at Campbelltown Sports Stadium.

"We want to give back to our Sydney fans," he said.

The riders wanted to give the best they could. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, it became too unsafe to continue the show.

Matt Mahoney

Saturday night's cancelled show drew plenty of criticism on the Advertiser's Facebook pages.

Advertiser reader Amy Raams wrote that a proper apology needed to given for "all the kids that sat there tired and freezing".

"They hung it out longer than most and don't understand why they didn't get to see more," she wrote.

Kerry Petersen wrote that there was "too much talking, not enough riding".

"The flames were going off so you couldn't see the bikes anyway and the band was so loud, you couldn't hear the bikes," she wrote.

"They need to refund everyone."

However, Gabby Hamill was a lot more sympathetic towards the Crusty Demons.

"Yeah it was disappointing... but think about the winds," she wrote.

"Think about the tricks they were trying to do to please the crowd - it was unachievable.

"They are doing another show at the end of the tour to make up for it, and also offering a free ticket to another show in Australia to anyone that bought tickets.

"What more do people want?"

Campbelltown Council's city lifestyles director Jenny Franke said it was unfortunate the show was cancelled.

"We understand it was a decision made for safety reasons," she said.

"We welcome all opportunities to bring large scale events into Campbelltown. We would be happy to consider this event being held here again."