Camden mum looks to expand swimwear range

Business is booming for Camden entrepreneur Julianne Bobanovic.

Ms Bobanovic launched a new range of swim costumes for men and women earlier this month called Plivati, which is a vintage throwback to the 1970s with modern flair.

Ms Bobanovic said Plivati had been well received by the public and she was now looking to expand her range.

"I've been really pleased with sales made and I think it will pick up more in summer," she said.

"I've received great feedback, it's been amazing.

"I'm now looking at doing a couple of mini versions [of the costume] for kids. That was the market I originally looked at launching into.

"These would include mini versions of the olive board shorts for boys and a little fig swimwear for girls."

Plivati's pieces include two-piece swimmers with a high waist look, a long-sleeved one-piece costume and sarongs.

Ms Bobanovic told the Advertiser recently that her brand aimed to make the process of purchasing swimwear easier for women of all ages and backgrounds.

"It's not a skimpy bikini range and my fabric is made from premium quality," she said. "Women can feel comfortable and actually be able to swim in them."

However, the Camden mum-of-two said she had been approached by an unexpected demographic of women.

"I've had some feedback from large bust swimmers, which I didn't expect," she said.

"I am working on new designs to suit them. I've been overwhelmed with their response."

Ms Bobanovic said Plivati's men's range had also proven popular since launching on August 1.

"I've sold the men's board shorts, to people around the world, in the lead-up to Father's Day," she said.

"It's been incredible."

The Plivati swimwear range can now be viewed online at