New push to make Camden an eats and entertainment precinct

"We have so much to be proud of and now it's up to all of us as residents or business owners to take what we have and make the most of it."

That's the message from Argyle Business Collective president Andrew Valciukas.

The collective has teamed up with Camden Council to create an online marketing campaign which highlights the Camden town centre.

Mr Valciukas said the campaign was the next step to help reinvigorate the struggling town.

"Many of Camden's businesses offer world class products and services but they just aren't getting the attention they deserve at all," he said.

"The lighting of the jacarandas and the Jacaranda Festival were just one element of our plan.

"The on-street dining policy is in its final stages now so it will be out on public exhibition through the council soon.

"Basically we want Camden to be an eats and entertainment destination not just for locals but people outside the area too."

Mr Valciukas said there were some people who live in the region that didn't know what Camden had to offer.

"We have had a huge population explosion but there has been a disconnect between that growth and the number of people coming to town," he said.

"There is an incredible amount of variety in Camden.

"We want to be a day trip destination but also a town with thriving nightlife."

Mr Valciukas said the campaign's promotional video highlighted all of the great things the town centre had to offer.

"We have a very attractive town - it's one of the prettiest towns in NSW if not the country," he said.

"Our vision is to become like Bowral or Berry - a thriving township during the day and at night."

The promotional video will be marketed on social media pages.

The collective is asking residents and business owners in the region to share the clip.

Camden mayor Theresa Fedeli said the council was pleased to support the cause.

"Over the past few years, we've been working hard to transform Argyle Street and create a vibrant and prosperous town centre," she said.

"We've invested more than $10 million dollars to improve Argyle Street and we've worked closely with our local businesses to create something amazing.

"There has been a real increase in the number, and variety, of dining destinations on Argyle Street.

"Whether you're heading out with your partner to a café, listening to live music with friends, taking your family out for pizza or organising event at a fancier place, we have it all right here."

Cr Fedeli said Camden was "a destination with a twist".

"We've retained our unique rural character and people want to come here to see our town's charm," she said.

"We've really started to ramp up our promotion of the town centre and the video, recently launched by the Argyle Business Collective, is just one facet.

"We're developing a marketing strategy to further promote the Camden Town Centre."