Developers lodge proposal for new dump in Wollondilly

Developers lodge proposal for new dump in Wollondilly

Macarthur could soon be home to a new dump.

Developers, Claron Consulting Pty Ltd, have lodged plans to build a new resource recovery facility and landfill at 217 Brownlow Hill Loop Road, Brownlow Hill.

The property is located close to farms and the historic Denbigh House.

Claron Consulting hope to use the 15-hectare site as a tip which would receive, handle and process construction and demolition waste, plastics, tyres, glass, contaminated soils, composting and green waste.

It is estimated the proposed dump would process up to 420,000 tonnes of waste each year.

It is estimated about 300,000 tonnes of the processed waste would be recycled 120,000 tonnes would be used to fill the existing quarry void at the site.

Claron Consulting hope to operate the dump 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Trucks will enter the site from Brownlow Hill Loop Road via a weighbridge.

Neighbouring residents and Wollondilly Council were notified of the proposal yesterday.

The council is not the consent authority for the proposal.

It will be assessed by a local planning panel.

An environmental impact statement will be completed for the site and residents will then have 30 days to make their submissions.