Tech recycling store CeX to open at Campbelltown Mall

New CeX store
New CeX store

Whether you're a movie collector looking for an abstract title or a game aficionado with old discs to sell, Campbelltown's new tech recycling store CeX is the place for you.

The store buys, sells and exchanges games, phones, DVDs and more.

CeX will open in Campbelltown Mall on Thursday, September 5.

"We urge Campbelltown to go green and save by recycling their old gadgets, games, phones and DVDs into cash at CeX," a spokesman said.

"We believe the best way to recycle something is to use it again.

"We also encourage community groups to start collections as it is a great way o raise money for charity and help protect the environment."

The store will employ eight staff members. CeX expects to pay out $500,000 to customers in the first year.

Recycled items can also be exchanged for store credit.

The store offers a 12-month warranty on all products.

Visit CeX's website at