Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan paper daisies in full bloom again

There's a floral sea of pink, white and yellow in Mount Annan this spring - and it's expected to draw plenty of shutterbugs.

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan's ever-popular paper daisy display has just bloomed and curator manager John Siemon believes the sea of flowers will soon be all over social media.

"There are plenty of Instagram-worthy angles in our paper daisy display," he said.

"You can get them just be meandering through the pathways and crouching down beside the flowers.

"We encourage our visitors to please not stand on the daisies because once they're damaged they're done for the whole season and they won't bounce back.

"If people can adhere to that message and still get their beautiful photos for Instagram, that would be great.

"Once the photos start hitting Instagram, we become flooded with visitors."

Mr Siemon said Botanic Garden staff had the paper daisy preparations "down to a fine art" to ensure the display was spectacular every year.

"There's been a long dry period so we missed the September 1 bloom by a couple of days," he said.

"But we're expecting the display will be in full bloom by the end of this week and for about the next two weeks.

"The length of the season is weather-dependent, but we hope the display will last into mid-October and, fingers-crossed, even into late October.

"This year we've had a really spectacular germination rate, with literally a million paper daisies in bloom.

"In the past we've separated the colours a bit, but this year people will notice the pink, white and yellow flowers are all mixed in together."

Mr Siemon said the dry weather had affected other parts of the gardens and he was looking forward to some more wet weather - "but in moderation, not all at once".

He said there were plenty of other great attractions for visitors to see on their trip.

"We've got some great native wattles in bloom at the moment as well, and the lack of rain means that those buds are pristine."