Camden clinic takes the holistic approach


POP IN: Dr Sandra Cabot (right) and her team are ready to answer your questions at the clinic open day.

POP IN: Dr Sandra Cabot (right) and her team are ready to answer your questions at the clinic open day.

The team at Camden Holistic Health Clinic are hosting an open day on Saturday, September 21 to give residents a chance to discover the services they offer.

Dr Sandra Cabot said they would love the chance to show off their leading-edge services and share the joy of getting healthy.

"At our clinic, we see a lot of new patients from the local area, Sydney CBD and suburbs, as well as from regional areas of NSW," Dr Cabot said.

"They come to us because they are seeking a type of medicine that is integrative and modern.

"What does integrative medicine mean? To us, it means looking at the cause of disease and how the health of one organ impacts the health of the whole body.

"For example, if your gut health is poor, this will often cause problems with your immune system, your weight, your moods and cognition."

Dr Cabot said integrative medicine looks deep and wide into the body.

"For example, if you have recurrent infections, we investigate the cause and treat the cause as well as its collateral damage," she said.

"For example, we recently saw a lady with an overactive thyroid gland problem. When we tested her for heavy metals, we found that she had mercury toxicity affecting her thyroid gland."

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Dr Cabot said some cases of "chronic fatigue syndrome" could be caused by adrenal gland dysfunction, hidden infections or low levels of sex hormones in men and women, especially after menopause or childbirth.

"Your body is like an orchestra and needs fine-tuning to work at optimal levels," she said. "Your immune system, your gut and your liver may be overloaded, and this can be helped with natural antibiotics and a detoxification program."

Clinic services include hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy and alkaline hydrogen water. There is also a holistic beauty therapist who offers therapeutic massage and ozone saunas and holds relaxation exercise classes.

Clinical hypnosis is also available to help reduce anxiety, insomnia and addictions.

The open day will offer the chance to talk to doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, the massage therapist, the energy therapist and the nurse.

Camden Holistic Health Clinic is at 16 Broughton Street, Camden. For more information you can phone 4655 4666.

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