Camden town centre's heritage on the agenda

"We don't want Camden town centre swallowed up by the development surrounding it."

That's the belief of Camden councillor Cindy Cagney.

Cr Cagney asked council staff to investigate what it would take to have the town centre added to the state heritage list at the last council meeting.

"Over the past few years people have approached me to ask about protecting the town centre from inappropriate development," she said.

"The council has a heritage conservation management plan for the town but a heritage listing would be an added layer of protection."

Camden town centre was planned by the Macarthur family in the 1800s.

It features many historic buildings including the Macaria building, St John's Anglican Church and the old fire station.

Cr Cagney said councillors were unanimously supportive of her idea.

"It was a really good indication of the level of importance we as a council have placed on the heritage value of the town centre," she said.

"It would be good to see it acknowledged at a state and even a federal level over time.

"I think staff will be looking into the requirments for both the state and national heritage lists."

Cr Cagney said she expects council staff to bring the report back to council in the next two to three months.

"I think this is something that the community is very supportive of," she said.

"With the scope of the Aerotropolis and the focus on business and industry there is a huge opportunity for economic tourism.

"Camden is a great day trip area and with the prestige of a heritage listing hopefully tourism would increase.

"It might encourage people to set up bed and breakfast destinations or short stay accommodation in or near the town rather than office buildings."

Cr Cagney said it was important to preserve the town's unique history.

"Camden is one of the oldest towns in NSW," she said.

"We need to preserve what we've got so that younger generations can appreciate it.

"With the rapid pace that Sydney is growing Camden is at risk of being swallowed up by over-development.

"We need to do everything we can to help the town flourish in the future while preserving the past."

Camden councillors also discussed the proposal to have St John's added to the National Heritage List.

Applications for the list had already close prior to the meeting however Cr Cagney said council staff will be looking into when the next round of applications open.