Reader says Warren is right about transport

Greg Warren Member for Campbelltown.

Greg Warren Member for Campbelltown.

Greg Warren is right about transport in Macarthur.

If Judy Hannan had been successful in the last election and held the balance of power, she would have urged for the electric trains to be terminated at Menangle Park with feeder buses from all outlying areas.

The development that is going on there means there will be a demand for it eventually.

Andrew Duncan, Wilton

Speed deterrents could be considered hazards

Dear Sir

The traffic calming devices (speed humps) recently installed at the roundabout at the intersection of Broughton Street and Lindesay Street Campbelltown could be considered hazards. There have been accidents at the intersection and speed has been a factor especially in Lindesay Street coming from the direction of Lindesay Street shops.

Everyday day a "conga line" of vehicles line up in Broughton Street to the Macquarie Avenue intersection. The "speed humps" are draconian in design and implementation.

W G Peters

Everyday day a "conga line" of vehicles line up in Broughton Street to the Macquarie Avenue intersection. The "speed humps" are draconian in design and implementation. New "traffic calming" devices have been installed on Leumeah Road at Leumeah High School prior to the school zone. They appear to do the job, i.e. as each vehicle negotiates the speed hump a gap appears between each vehicle. If these devices were installed at Lindesay and Broughton Street instead of the present "eyesore" traffic flow would be smoother.

As usual, the traffic engineers have used the hammer to kill a fly mentality.

May I suggest to the local motorists to protest to the local traffic committee to have the speed humps modified, preferably to the same as those on Leumeah Road. I am surprised at the ignorance of the traffic engineers.

Sometimes traffic congested at roundabouts in suburbia because of heavy traffic, but because of "brain fade" on the part of the engineers there is a traffic problem that shouldn't exist. Under their present guise, the "devices" are anathema to road safety.

W G Peters, Ruse

Visitors spend money

The story 'We Love Wollondilly' seems a bit odd after the council closed the information centre.

Whenever I visit a country town I usually take home tea towels, fridge magnets or teaspoons as gifts.

There are many good things to see and do but a local map and details of how to find then should be in an information centre and easily found.

The mushroom tunnel, Maldon suspension bridge, the viaduct, the potholes, the gorge and many more.

Visitors spend money.

Andrew Duncan, Wilton

ScoMo's stimulus package not worth the human cost

Scott Morrison's $22.9 billion economic stimulus package plan includes $750 cash payments to pensioners and welfare recipients as well as subsidies for impacted businesses and additional tax write offs.

While the asset write offs and Scomo's choice to use existing infrastructure will save taxpayers untold millions, the cash payments are, quite simply, a bad idea.

Doctors have repeatedly warned that coronavirus puts the elderly most at risk. Yet, ScoMo has recommended our most vulnerable Australians, pensioners and people over the age of 65, take his $750 cash payments and go to shopping centers where they risk coming into contact with someone carrying coronavirus. That is not a cost Australians should be forced to pay.

Australia must remember, this is a health crisis with economic implications. The health and safety of Australians comes first. So if you are elderly and receive a cash payment, consider staying home and going shopping after the virus passes.

Emilie Dye, Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

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