Parents to decide if kids attend school

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced schools will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, but parents can decide whether or not their kids attend.

The premier encouraged parents to keep their kids home if possible.

The advice differs from what Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said during the crisis. Mr Morrison wants children to keep attending their classes at school.

Ms Berejiklian told reporters this week that no children would be turned away from their schools, but it was preferable that they remain at home.

"We are encouraging parents to keep their children at home - for those parents who have no option schools will remain open," she told reporters.

"The choice is yours."

Advertiser readers on Facebook had mixed feelings on the mixed messages.

"Each parent/guardian must be responsible at all times for the child," Sharon Munro said in support of keeping children home.

"In highly populated areas, if people do not do what the government asks, this virus will spread so quickly Campbelltown Hospital will not cope at all under any circumstance if there is a mass breakout of this virus.

"People will die.

"The message is stay home save lives, including yours and those of your family."

Jason Hennessy disagreed and thought children should definitely keep going to school.

"If the kids have nowhere to go they will just flood the streets and shopping centres," he said.

Audra Burrows suggested a mix was required.

"At this stage I would say only children of working parents can attend [school]," she said.

"Many people are unable to go to work now because of the virus, but doctors/nurses/supermarket staff/fast food workers etc. are keeping the country running and if they can't work because they need to be home with their children what happens then?"