Doctors are sewing their own PPE to tackle COVID-19

Doctors are sewing their own PPE to tackle COVID-19

You might be able to see to the mixed messaging here - or maybe it's just me.

The nation has been relentlessly urged to take the threat of coronavirus seriously, and justifiably so. From Mr Morrison to the Chief Medical Officer, his deputy and even a government-approved SMS, it has been one of the few clear directives - get serious.

Yet here we are, a few weeks deep in this pandemic but nowhere near the pointy end, and doctors are making (yes, making as in sewing) their own personal protection equipment.

You have to admire their dedication, but how is this good enough?

Central Victorian GPs ordered 100 gowns and masks four weeks ago. They were all used in two weeks. Since then nothing.

Equipment is now being rationed and reused wherever possible and there's the equivalent of a community sewing bee to help. Calling Health Minister, Greg Hunt ... how about getting serious about protection of frontline health workers?

And it's not just Victoria either, rural and remote GPs in Queensland are under the same pressure, but who knows if they've dusted off the old Singer quite yet.

On the equipment front, the news authorities are looking to increase ventilator numbers is positive - let's just hope that is dealt with on fast-forward because that's how the virus moving.

Another three men, all from Victoria, fell victim overnight, taking the national toll to 12.

As if COVID-19 isn't concerning enough for us, many families have the added stress of loved ones stranded overseas. Hundreds of Aussies are stuck in Peru, others in Bolivia and even a Pacific island, which isn't as much fun as you'd hope, apparently.

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