The path back to a new normal

The path back to a new normal

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The EOFY, or End of Financial Year, may not be the end of 2020 but it may just signal a change in fortune for Australian consumers and the economy.

The EOFY falls on June 30, and is viewed as high noon, or common ground for bargain hunters, especially those who have been looking to get a great deal on some of life's necessities.

While 2020 has proved to be an annus horribilis for most of us and this EOFY is, like everything else this year, looking quite different to any we have witnessed before, there are some things that remain the same.

Just like every year there will be great deals out there to save on essential items and services such as motor vehicles, gas, electricity, internet and mobile plans.

During the recent pandemic, uncertainty and the downturn in the economy made all of us much more cautious spenders with everyone thinking about bills and looking to cut costs wherever possible.

But just in the last few weeks the path back to a new normal has been glimpsed and part of this is a desire to shop and find a great deal again. Business wise this year has been difficult and slow, but there is still the hope of an EOFY spike leading the way out of the abyss.

In fact if you are looking to buy a big ticket item or even something small the EOFY is the perfect time to buy it.

We have become used to buying and shopping online and have become more familiar with digital sale signs rather than physical ones.

This year we can avoid the hustle and bustle of instore shopping, flashy sales promotions and standing in queues, as there will be more push for online offers and promotions than in any previous year.

Over these few weeks, Australia's favourite retailers will be offering massive discounts on almost every product imaginable in a dedicated EOFY sale.

Deals are already out there with Amazon, eBay, Catch, Sony, Samsung, The Good Guys, car dealers and many more launching their sales.

In the area of Telcos, Pennytel, a trusted and reputable company, have their own dedicated EOFY offer.

Having been a strong player in the mobile space for some time, Pennytel are offering a deal with 15 per cent off for the next six months.

A handsome saving definitely worth considering at a time when we are all looking to cut costs in both the short and long term.

With plans starting from just $9.34 a month for 1GB data and unlimited standard calls and SMS, that's an offer worth checking out.

To top it off, Pennytel offer free SIM delivery to anywhere in Australia. For bargain seekers out there, we all know there is nothing worse than thinking you have made a saving to have it all swallowed up with an expensive shipping fee.

So get in the EOFY spirit, start browsing Pennytel's great value plans on their website from your home.

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This is advertiser content for Pennytel.

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