The Informer: Bad goes to worse as Victoria records 90 weekend infections

Bad goes to worse as Victoria records dozens of weekend infections

As the number of global coronavirus cases accelerates towards 10 million, Victoria's dramatic spike in infections is the sobering reminder we are not through this pandemic by a long shot.

Ninety cases were reported in Victoria this weekend - 41 new cases on Saturday and 49 on Sunday, the highest daily number since April.

Victoria has taken the step of implementing mandatory testing for returned travellers before they are allowed out of quarantine in hotels, with those refusing required to remain in quarantine for a further 10 days.

Queensland, flushed with its success at controlling COVID-19 after being criticised for not opening their borders earlier, are watching developments in Victoria with interest. They will announce when and how restrictions will be lifted on Tuesday.

Reports the unemployed might escape poverty with the dole rising to $75 a day when the JobSeeker payment ends in September have been rejected as "inaccurate" by the government.

Senior Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek said a return to the pre-crisis rate of $40 per day "doesn't allow people to live with dignity".

Months into the pandemic, fear of a second wave of infections now hangs over countries that had believed they had stamped out the disease.

US President Donald Trump was back in the swing of things, teeing off at his private golf course in Virginia as coronavirus cases hit the 40,000 per day mark in the US. Texas, Florida and Arizona are the worst hit after they reopened their economies.

Globally there are nearly 10 million confirmed cases and the death toll is nearing 500,000.

New Zealanders are poised to elect the gayest parliament in the world on September 19 if election polling is right and the predictions of nine LGBT candidates winning seats comes true.

In the UK Labour leader Keir Starmer has overtaken Boris Johnson as the public preferred choice for Prime Minister, according to the latest opinion poll.

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