YOUR SAY: Problems with airbags in cars

The term road safety has become a cliché, especially with the major problem of airbags being deployed in certain brands of motor vehicles. The airbag invention goes back many generations with the idea to protect the motorist in case of accidents.

Fast forward to current motoring trends and it would appear that the airbag is the hazard. Through the years scientists and engineers sponsored by car manufacturers have mesmerised themselves by strapping a dummy into a car seat attached to car like surroundings then the capsule is catapulted along a rail into a concrete block replicating a head on crash. Wires and recording data are attached to the dummy and at the end of the experiment the scientists decipher the results.

So, after all those tests over the years why the hell do we have problems with airbags in the modern car? Motorists have been injured by airbags that have been deployed by a minor rear end shunt. Another driver was killed when metal shards severed his spinal cord when the airbag went off. Takata, the manufacturer of the faulty airbags is trying to find new ways to make stubborn motorists take notice to have their airbags replaced because those who ignore the recall could have their car registration cancelled.

Aussie motorists should be in a state of conniption because these "you beaut" safety aids have added to the price of motor vehicles. Seatbelts fitted to today's vehicles are very efficient. Drivers of Formula One cars, Supercars and Rally cars are protected by a full 6-point harness. Co-drivers in Rally cars wear the same equipment. 2There are no airbags!! When Governments demand certain standards from car makers problems always arise and is usually called "a dog's breakfast". I concede that fitting a 6-point harness would be impractical and costly to the modern car. Maybe the Aussie motorist should improve their driving skills and these gimmicky safety (?) items wouldn't be needed. W G Peters, Ruse