Wollondilly Riding for the Disabled need help to buy new horse

RDA need help to buy Bella the horse.
RDA need help to buy Bella the horse.

Wollondilly Riding for the Disabled (RDA) has been on the hunt for the perfect new addition to their equine team.

And they have found the perfect fit - but there's a catch.

Bella the horse will cost the not-for-profit $6000 so they have reached out to the community in the hopes that locals can spare a few dollars to help buy her.

Wollondilly RDA instructor Rosemary Macallister said Bella was a one of kind.

"These horses don't come around all the time - she ticks all the boxes and the kids just love her," she said.

"I know her really well - I know she has a great temperament and she's not going to break down easily.

"She can deal with screaming, the people who jump off and people who might be a little scared.

"We would never normally pay this much for horse but she is worth it."

RDA have had Bella on loan but now they need to purchase her in order to keep her with the organisation.

Ms Macallister said horses made a huge differences in the lives of those living with a disability.

"There is so much they get out of it both physically and mentally," she said.

"We had one boy who we were told would never speak - he was capable but just wouldn't talk.

"Within a month or two he was having conversations with my daughter.

"We often have kids from the local special needs schools come in and the teachers tell us that they are a lot calmer when they go back to school."

The dedicated instructor said Bella had already made quite an impression on riders and staff.

"One of the kids, her name is Tracy, would not get on a horse," Ms Macallister said.

"But after a few months of working with Bella, now we can't get her off."

RDA fundraising officer Sharon Robertson encouraged locals to dig deep.

"This horse will help these kids," she said.

"You only need to see the horses with these kids to understand why."