Regional areas will be a winner from COVID-19

Tim McKibbin, CEO, Real Estate Institute NSW.

Tim McKibbin, CEO, Real Estate Institute NSW.

In the last decade, more than 100,000 people moved from Sydney to regional NSW.

Post-COVID-19 that number is set to accelerate as people seek more affordable housing.

The ability to work from home, affordability and positive infrastructure development means regional NSW is set to win big post-COVID-19.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought into being the 'Zoom Generation'.

Over 4 million Australians have been working from home keeping in touch online through apps like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Keeping a city job while living in regional areas is a tantalising prospect for workers with the ability to connect with work colleagues and projects via online chat services and webinars.

As the country enters a recession, the lower prices in regional areas are a real opportunity for younger Australians to enter the property market.

And of course, considering the uncertainty surrounding international travel, local economies in regional areas of NSW are set to thrive after the pandemic with increased emphasis on intra-state and interstate travel as restrictions are rolled back.

That only increases the attention of State and Federal Governments to meet the demand for infrastructure projects in the regions.

  • Tim McKibbin is CEO of Real Estate Institute NSW.
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