Camden Valley Inn celebrates one year since official re-opening event

How many chicken schnitzels has the Camden Valley Inn served since it reopened in 2019?

The answer is 15,676, which is equal to roughly four tonnes - the same weight as a Bedford truck.

It also makes the humble schnitty the pub's number one dish.

The iconic local haunt has celebrated the first anniversary of it's official re-opening by releasing some fun facts about the past year.

Camden Valley Inn staff poured 77,245 litres of beer and 13,725 litres of wine, which is enough liquid to fill almost three BP petrol trucks.

Customers have also consumed more than 880 kilograms of coffee.

During the Covid-19 lockdown period Ian and Frances McIver came to visit the inn for the first time since they were married in the pub's Tudor lounge 50 years ago.

The couple were treated to a tour around the new-look venue and a free bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Back in June the inn experienced its first break-and-enter when the cows from the back paddock ventured onto the pub grounds.

The pub closed in November 2018 to undergo a $15 million dollar makeover.

Lewis Land Group chief executive Chris Calvert told the Advertiser last year that he was proud of the way the redevelopment had balanced the heritage aspects of the venue with a contemporary country design.

"Our venues are all about embracing the outdoors, and creating spaces for people to gather and enjoy the beauty of the surrounds," he said.

"Camden Valley Inn epitomises our approach to outdoor-focused social spaces.

"The scenic views, towering trees and heritage buildings are the real focus, so we have designed our venue to make sure these are highlighted from every vantage.

"We want to provide a feast for the eyes, as well as a great menu and level of service."

Renovations at the pub included the demolition of all structures except the two heritage-listed buildings and recently-renovated accommodation units.

The historic buildings received a facelift, under consultation with a heritage architect.

Major modern additions to the pub included gaming room facilities, dining and function areas, as well as additional parking.

A permanent marquee, a new children's playground and petting zoo were also built.

Camden Valley Inn was originally the Camden Vale Milk Bar.

It was built by the Macarthur family in 1939. They sold milk and cream from the site.

The venue was granted a tavern licence in 1989 and became the inn and restaurant much loved by locals today.

To celebrate the Inn's former life a sculpture of an old-school milk bottle has been installed outside the main entrance.