Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese visits Macarthur

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese visits Macarthur

Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese visited Macarthur this week to meet with locals and speak on the importance of creating jobs.

Mr Albanese and Macarthur MP Dr Michael Freelander took a tour of Minto factory AuState Services on Thursday, meeting with general manager Vic Vella, his wife Joyce and their two sons.

The manufacturing business employs 22 people.

Mr Albanese said it was that businesses just like Mr Vella's were vital for a strong Australian job landscape.

"It is great to be here in Macarthur, particularly in this industrial precinct, this job creation hub," he told journalists during the visit.

"This is the best of Australia, a family business employing others from the local community, giving people skills that they can pass on and use to create economic activity."

Mr Albanese said AuState Services was ready and willing to welcome more workers, but struggled to find people with the appropriate skills.

"Here we have a classic case of the disjunction which is there between the jobs that are required and the issue of skills," he said.

"This business employs 22 Australians. They have good quality jobs here that are highly paid and highly skilled. And yet they can't get the skilled workers. This is an example of what we need to do, which is to match up the people who need work coming out of this crisis and giving them the skills so that they can attain that work."

Mr Freelander spoke of the importance of industrial employment in Macarthur.

"We are very pleased that Vic was able to give us a tour and show us the works that he is doing which really is the type of work that is keeping Australia going," he said.

"It is also the lifeblood of Macarthur. Transport is our biggest employer. The hub here provides the materials, provides the workers, provides the drivers, and provides the industry that keeps it all going."

Dr Freelander said there was now work to be done in getting youths into the sector.

"What is important is providing lots of jobs," the former paediatrician said.

"But we need more encouragement for jobs for the young.

"The young people that I looked after are now going to be leaving school and are really struggling to get a job.

"We here call it 'Newstart, no start', because many young people are not going to be able to get a job unless there is a plan put in place for them."

Mr Albanese suggested the JobKeeper scheme, which is being adjusted at the end of the month, should not be cut, and that instead a better plan for job creation should be implemented.

"I've put forward a practical eight-point economic plan for job creation," he said.

"The first point of that plan is to not cut JobKeeper and JobSeeker now. We need to support small business and provide them with support that helps their cash flow.

"We need to support local government in their community infrastructure projects. We need to make sure that there's proper labour market programs that provide people with the skills that they need.

"We should be looking at ways to provide further support, not making cuts."

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