Reality on the line in Last-Chance USA

Reality on the line in Last-Chance USA

I'm so excited about this election.

What election? Not the Queensland election I'll tell you that.

I'm in a complete frenzy over next week's Trump-Biden shootout, because so much is up for grabs.

You know that expression: fact is stranger than fiction. Yep, here it is!

Somehow the US is holding an election that features a former reality TV host and a 77-year-old who wears aviators and calls everybody "man".

Nothing stranger has ever happened before.

You could say this election is about a nation divided between a desire to take possession of some reasonable standard of behaviour and a posse of wild fanatics still yelling "lock her up" and cheering when they are told their health insurance is being taken away during a health crisis.

You could put a more thoughtful spin on it, and call it a pitched battle between the unknowable future of progressives and those holding fast to embedded values.

There's a saying that we get the leaders we deserve, but, seriously no one deserves this.

Throw in race, gender, the media, anyone who looks like a Muslim or a Mexican, and the deep belief that the political and economic system have failed the people, and you've got the biggest, most compelling election of modern history, or as Trump would say "of all time".

But it's more than that ... much more.

This is about reality.

If Trump wins, then a man who says of Covid-19 that "we have turned the corner" (hit the wall); "our numbers are incredible" (spiralling out of control); "you can inject disinfectant" (don't try it at home); "Fauci is an idiot" (model of sanity); "we have an antidote" (doesn't); "the whole world is amazed by how we've handled this" (sort of, but not the way he thinks) is being validated.

If Trump wins, the fragile foundation of the rational that we build democracies upon comes crashing to the ground.

This is a man who has asked the armed forces if they can nuke a hurricane, described something called Obamagate as the greatest crime of all time (don't play dumb, you know what he means) and holds a bible like, well, no one else ... ever, of all time, in history.

There's a saying that we get the leaders we deserve, but, seriously no one deserves this.

This election is a chance for the US to find redemption, to reimpose sanity.

Yes, Joe Biden does seem a rather unlikely saviour, but beggars can't be choosers and America is on its knees.

May they rise and know themselves.

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